My Handle was Coaster on CB and made lots of friends I was only talking about it a few days ago. I have a hand held ham radio and also use echolink from my house.

​Welcome to David Cunningham's Website

Welcome to my website. Ham Radio I passed my foundation Licence in 94/95

And a year later I passed my second Licence and hold the current licence 2D0MSF Registered with Ofcom

My Details can be found on I started of on CB Radio before going into ham radio CB was good and made a lot of friends.

The pic above is a ham radio a bit different to the CB Radio as it only had 40 channels. The ham radio has 20,40,80 and 100 meters on HF Bands and the 2 meter VHF band and 70 Centimetres UHF

Amateur Radio (ham radio) is a popular hobby and service that brings people, electronics and communication together. People use ham radio to talk across town, around the world, or even into space, all without the Internet or cell phones. It's fun, social, educational, and can be a lifeline during times of need. Although Amateur Radio operators get involved for many reasons, they all have in common a basic knowledge of radio technology and operating principles, and pass an examination for the Amateur Radio license with the RSBG in the UK to operate on radio frequencies known as the "Amateur Bands." These bands are radio frequencies allocated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for use by ham radio operators.